What Our Happy Clients Say

I just want to say thank you to Kittens Home for my lovely babies , also thank you for the weekly updates I got and all the help you have given me to care for my wonderful babies… you have been a star throughout this whole process and I really appreciate it that you are giving me this great gift to have these great babies join my family… will definitely recommend Kitten City to everyone!!
- Bryan G
I cannot thank you enough for my beautiful, healthy, happy boy, I love him with all my heart! He is the most affectionate kitten I have ever had, all thanks to the love and care he received from your family during the first months of his life. I enjoyed visiting your home and meeting all your cats, I could see they are much loved and part of your family. I also thoroughly enjoyed the weekly photo updates, they always made my week!
- Laura Petracio
Being the daddy of a Kitten is an honor that brings joy and hope into your life – it changes your life for the best! Kittens Homes and her family are one of the kindest, most passionate breeders that I have ever come across and I will continue to support and recommend them to everybody whom ever considers bringing another sphynx into their homes. Their kittens are the most loving, playful, healthy and active cats that I have ever seen and they are raised with so much love and affection, that they make the purrfect addition to your home!
- Harold Z
I am the proud owner of Oliver which I acquired from Prb Farm. I cannot express my love for this beautiful child of mine and I am just happy that he comes from such a loving family as the Prb Farm. My cat too is so loving and beautiful. Jacqueline is a fantastic woman. She loves animals from her heart and that says everything to me of a person. She has been extremely helpful and kind, always has the time for me when I call her for any assistance. My cat was flown in to Cape Town and collected him in a lovely travelling container, even with lovely blankets and baby was even in a jersey.
- Laura Petracio
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