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About Us.

About Prb Farm

PRB Farm is a fast growing business, specializing in identifying and purchasing rare and exotic wildlife around the country. the founder and owner of PRB Farm, believes in finding game farmers value for their MONEY by selecting the best game at affordable prices.

Our philosophy is: “we only sell game that we will buy for our-self.”

 We have managed game farms around the country for many years and assisted some of South Africa’s top game breeders in seeking out the best breeding STOCK to improve the genetics on all game species

He has an excellent understanding and knowledge of wildlife and offers his expertise in the field to farmers embarking on their own game breeding projects.

we will do the transfer for the cubs and arrange for the flight and delivery to your location (required Destination). we will get a veterinary health certificate from a suitably qualified vet before the delivery certifying that the cubs are healthy, free from defect and fit to travel. Also supply all records of vaccinations etc. and the genetic history for the cubs (relation to each other etc.) We will also get a letter of comfort from the Nature conservation confirming that they are happy that the animals can be exported and your province may issue any documents requested after arrival. All paper works will be included as requested, (This should not be a problem because we have done this for other cubs. in the past).  PRB

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